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Leaving from rectilinear movement, or conducting

"Conducting" is a spontaneous withdrawal of the car from rectilinear movement in any party.

Conducting usually happens is caused:

    Infringement of corners of installation of wheels. Wrong adjustment of brakes. Design of tyre covers.

The design of tyre covers can cause car conducting. The cord arrangement can be an example. The steel cord at wheel rotation can cause lateral efforts. If diameter of one party of a tyre cover is a bit more than diameter of other party the tyre cover will heel on this party. It will cause lateral efforts that will lead to car conducting.

Check procedure on the previous page should be executed to exclude possibility of influence of corners of installation of wheels on car conducting.

    Procedure of diagnostics of conducting a tyre cover partially differs from the procedure of shift of tyre covers described in the maintenance instruction. If tyre covers with different high-speed characteristics are established on one axis be convinced that it has not caused deterioration of running characteristics. Back tyre covers do not lead to conducting display.