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Preparation for adjustment of corners of installation of wheels of a forward suspension bracket

Complaints to controllability and vibration not always happen are caused by wrong installation of corners of wheels. Also it is necessary to check up tyres on deterioration and on their conformity with recommended by factory the manufacturer. "Conducting" is a spontaneous withdrawal of the car from rectilinear movement in any party without pressure from outside a wheel. The head the Steering, a suspension bracket, wheels and tyres of this Management includes procedure of revealing of this problem.

Before convergence adjustment, following checks should be executed to exclude influence of other factors on correctness of reference values and on adjustment:


    Check up, that in all tyre covers there was an identical pressure and about identical deterioration of drawing of a protector. Check up spherical connections on люфты. Check up tips of steering draughts. At detection люфтов, they should be eliminated before adjustment. Check up disks and tyre covers on excessive deterioration. Check up the car on проседание; if it does not keep within limits it is necessary for eliminating before convergence adjustment. Check up on люфты the rotary lever. Check up the stabilizer of cross-section stability on rigidity of fastenings. If additional cargo in the car (for example, a box with tools) is there constantly adjustment should be carried out together with cargo. To check up a condition of the adjusting stand and to follow instructions of the manufacturer. In independence of the used equipment, the car should stand on a horizontal surface a forward and back part and should be perpendicularly.

To prevent possibility of incorrect reading of initial corners of disorder or кастера, forward (or back) the car part needs to be lifted and lowered some times before inspection.