Suzuka Grandee Vitara
The general information
Maintenance service and greasing
Heater, ventilation and the conditioner
Suspension bracket
Wheels and tyres
Forward приводной a shaft shaft/bearing. An oil epiploon
Kardannye shaft
- Brake system
    Brake highway/hose the brake cylinder
    Forward brakes
    Lay and back brake
   - Antiblocking brake system (ABS)
      - The general description
         Way of a brake hose/highway
         The system scheme
         Arrangement of components ABS
          The hydraulic Block/assemblage of the module of management ABS
Fuel system
Ignition system
Start system
Release system
Forward and back differentials
Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. An immobilizer
Electric equipment

The system scheme

[A] — Model with folding top
[In] — Except model with folding top
1 — a sensor control of speed of a wheel of software
2 — the stoplight switch
3 — the module of management АБС
4 — the Sensor control of speed of wheel ПЗ
5 — diagnostics Socket
6 — a data link Socket
7 — the Sensor control of speed of wheel ЛЗ
8 — Alarm lamp АБС

9 — the Relay of the engine of pump ABS
10 — Failure-safe relay ABS (the relay of the solenoidal valve)
11 — the Module of a drive of a lamp
12 — the Sensor control of speed of wheel ЛП
13 — Hydraulic block ABS
15 — the Switch 4 WD
16 — the Hydraulic block/assemblage of the block of management АБС (with the engine of pump Abs and failure-safe relays)
17 — Alarm lamp EBD (an alarm lamp of a brake)