Suzuka Grandee Vitara
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      - Safety measures at work with the cars equipped with pillows of safety
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Safety measures

Safety measures at work with the cars equipped with pillows of safety

  • Configuration of components of system air bag such, as is shown in drawing.
  • If system air bag together with other system of the car require under repair, Suzuki recommends to repair, first of all, system air bag to avoid false operation of system.
  • Do not change a steering wheel, the panel of devices or other components of system air bag. Updatings can negatively affect work of system and lead to traumas.
  • If the car is exposed to influence of temperatures from above 93С (200F) (for example, in the course of colouring), preliminary remove system components air bag in order to avoid damages or casual operation.

1 — a plait of wires of a pillow of safety
2 — the module of a passenger pillow of safety
3 — the kontrolno-diagnostic module (КДМ)
4 — DLC
5 — a contact ring
6 — the module of a driver's pillow of safety
7 — преднатяжитель a seat belt (if it is established)