Suzuka Grandee Vitara
The general information
Maintenance service and greasing
Heater, ventilation and the conditioner
Suspension bracket
Wheels and tyres
Forward приводной a shaft shaft/bearing. An oil epiploon
Kardannye shaft
Brake system
Fuel system
Ignition system
- Start system
    The general description
   - Diagnostics
      Block repair
      Work check
      Type 0.9 кВ
   Necessary materials
   The special tool
Release system
Forward and back differentials
Windows, mirrors, locks and security measures. An immobilizer
Electric equipment

Block repair

Removal and installation

Remove a starter in a following order.


    Disconnect a negative cable of the battery. Disconnect a wire conclusion of the electromagnetic switch and a cable of the battery from starter conclusions. Remove two assembly bolts of a starter. Remove a starter. For installation, repeat procedure above upside-down.